Andrea Morales

Andrea is a design strategist originally from sunny Costa Rica. Life’s path brought her to New York, where she got an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design, at Parsons The New School for Design.  She is currently works as an Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks, a global technology consultancy, as part of the Office of Social Change Initiatives (OSCI). In there she uses games design and systems thinking to help NGOs and social change movements reconfigure the ecosystems they are in. Her passion lies in the intersection of play, technological access, and economics. 

Ben Norskov

Ben Norskov is a Brooklyn-based game designer, lecturer, and educator. He's the System Designer and Co-Founder of Antidote, who collaborates with global non profits, scientists, and journalists to find playful methods of understanding. 

Christian Howard

CHRISTIAN HOWARD is a fiction writer and narrative designer working in games, organizational strategy, and interactive media. His creative practice is rooted in designing evolving playful systems with strong intersectional relationships. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Technology, Culture & Society at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, serves as Education Director at the Rap Research Lab, and is Narrative Design Lead at Hidden Level Games.

Clarinda Mac Low

CLARINDA MAC LOW was brought up in the avant-garde arts scene that flourished in NYC during the 1960s and ‘70s. Mac Low started out working in dance and molecular biology in the late 1980s and now creates participatory installations and events that investigate social constructs and corporeal experience. She is Executive Director of Culture Push, an experimental organization that links artistic practice and civic engagement. Recent work includes “Incredible Witness,”where differences in sensory perception lead to empathic understanding; “Free the Orphans,” a project that seeks to “free” copyright orphans(creative work with unknown copyright holders); “The Year of Dance”, an anthropology of the NYC dance world; TRYST, performance interventions in urban space; and "Cyborg Nation," public conversation on the technological body and intimacy.

Kaho Abe

Kaho Abe is a game designer and media artist interested in improving social and personal experiences through the use of technology, fashion and games. She designs and builds games with custom controllers with the hope to bring the digital experience more into our physical world, where people can play together face-to-face. Kaho also teaches Beyond the Joystick and Costumes as Game Controllers at New York University, and Playable Fashion, an after school program for highschoolers at Eyebeam.

LaJune McMillian

LaJuné McMillian is a New Media Artist and Creative Technologist. LaJuné is currently creating art that integrates Performance, Virtual Reality, and Physical Computing to question our current use of technology and forms of communication. She has had the opportunity to show and speak about her work at Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center, MakerFaire, National Sawdust, Liberty Science Center, Chelsea Film Festival, Creative Tech Week and Weird Reality. She is also the Lead Character Animator for NeuroSpeculative Afrofeminism which premiered at Sundance Film Festival and is currently touring at festivals including SXSW and Tribeca Film Festival. 

Lauren Bierly

Lauren Bierly is an arts professional and artist living / working in Brooklyn, NY. She is the Manager of Special Exhibitions and Projects for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bierly's experience in New York City's non-profit arts scene includes exhibition management and administrative support to artists and curators through the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA), the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), Eyebeam: Art and Technology Center, Christie’s New York and other organizations. Since 2009, she's produced more than twenty-five independently curated exhibitions, nearly 100 exhibition-related events, and co-directed an artists-administrators residency serving New York City’s five boroughs. Bierly balances her arts profession with an art practice in perception-based theory—predominantly synesthesia. 

Mohini Dutta

Mohini Dutta is a Brooklyn-based game designer, lecturer, and educator. She's the Narrative Designer and Co-Founder of Antidote, who collaborates with global non profits, scientists, and journalists to find playful methods of understanding. 

Ramsey Nasser

Ramsey Nasser is a computer scientist, game designer, and educator based in Brooklyn. He researches programming languages by building tools to make computation more expressive and implementing projects that question the basic assumptions we make about code itself. His games playfully push people out of their comfort zones, and are often built using experimental tools of his design. Ramsey is a former Eyebeam fellow and a professor at schools around New York. When he is not reasoning about abstract unintuitive machines, he goes on long motorcycle trips.

Shoshana Kessock

Shoshana Kessock is a writer and game designer, co-founder of Phoenix Outlaw Productions and staff writer for the 7th Sea tabletop RPG by John Wick Presents. She is the author of games like Dangers Untold, SERVICE, Keeping The Candles Lit, Blood on the Trail, and No Exit, as well as contributing writer on several larp and tabletop RPG products. When she isn't writing and organizing games, she writes academic papers, fiction, comics and screenplays and speaks publicly about inclusivity in game spaces. She hails from Jersey City, NJ and can be reached at @ShoshanaKessock.